Sunday, May 19, 2024

Middle aged in Middle-Earth


I was feeling invisible again today. Not like I don't feel invisible most of the time, but today was worse for some reason. I was attending 6th showing of my daughter's latest play, "Titanic the Musical." It is quite entertaining and emotional. But it lasts about two hours and 45 minutes.  I think the Titanic sank quicker than that.

I have been attending all of my daughter's performances for years and I feel like I know the kids she performs with because I've seen them in so many different shows. But although I've met some of them (and their parents) no one ever seems to remember me. So after the show when I tell someone they did a great job, they kind of look through me and nod.

It's that invisible thing.

I suppose it isn't really a middle aged thing. I have felt invisible off and on most of my life. It's a good thing I am a writer and now a t-shirt designer because it doesn't really matter if you are invisible as long as your work is out there.

But as you know I sometimes feel like it is invisible as well. 

Though I have to say I've sold more t-shirts than I ever did of anything I ever wrote. I pretty much stopped posting my writing on the Medium because making  three cents for your writing doesn't exactly instill you with confidence. At least the t-shirts pay $2 to $4 and I have the satisfaction that somewhere out there people are wearing something I created.

It makes this old middle aged Orc feel less invisible.

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