Friday, May 10, 2024

And the worms ate into his brain


Robert Kennedy Jr. claims to have had a brain worm some time back that caused him some cognitive issues (as one might suspect a brain worm would). But he now claims he could eat another five brain worms and still win a debate with Biden and Trump.

No one can confirm whether Bobby Jr. actually had a brain worm (since they are actually a parasitic worm known as a pork tapeworm). But the man's dogs don't all seem to be barking. It is a shame that the son of a great man like Robert Kennedy could produce a know like Bobby Jr.  Because in this case the nut did fall a bit far from the tree.

Oh well, he did inspire a t-shirt design.

I wasn't too prolific today. Maybe it is because the sun is wigging out and sending odd magnetic waves through the earth's atmosphere. I was just out on my deck with my wife and daughter trying to figure out whether we were seeing the northern lights or not.  If we were, I am a bit disappointed because I thought they would be a bit more colorful. 

Part of me just thinks the world is ending. Hopefully it doesn't end until I post a thousand designs on I think it would be ironic if I did finally start trending with my designs and then the world ended.  How fucked up would that be. Especially if my final design was something like this:

It took awhile to convince Artie my AI art friend to produce this tower of pancakes design. I made the mistake of telling it to make it look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and it kept making it a building and not a stack of pancakes. I finally had to say just give me a huge stack of pancakes that was leaning and it gave me this. It stuck the American flag in the top. I didn't ask for it. I'm not big on waving the American flag around these days.

Flags won't matter anyway if it is indeed the end of the world.

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