Thursday, May 09, 2024

Rather be Dead...


I was never a Grateful Dead fan. It's not that I have anything against them. I just never listened to them. I couldn't tell you a single Grateful Dead song. That didn't stop me from creating a Jerry Calavera design (don't tell anyone, but Jerry is kind of Jerry Garcia).

I was very careful not to try and focus too much on this being a Grateful Dead inspired design. Because even though Jerry is dead, that doesn't stop the intellectual property police who will claim he told them through a Ouija Board that he doesn't want anyone to profit off of his name or image but his legal representatives. 

Ouija is a trademarked term, btw.

On the subject of designs being reviewed, finally released my "Chain Reaction" designs. They didn't mention why they were being reviewed or why they were no longer suspect. The chain designs are now ironically unfettered.

As you can see, I am on a Calavera kick. This gnome was done in tribute to the real Day of the Dead garden gnome I hand painted years ago. It was pretty cool, but the acrylic paints I used couldn't withstand the elements and the little guy doesn't look good these days. But this design does.

As does this one:

I swear Artie, the AI app, reads my mind when it cranks out these interpretations of my design instructions.  It even took this stretch of an idea about Archimedes and turned it into something kind of interesting.

I should have had him saying something like, "Do you want fries as part of that equation?"

 I don't suppose that would mean much to anyone.  But hey:

Get it?

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