Tuesday, May 21, 2024

I is another


I always get Rimbaud and Baudelaire confused. They were both French and they were both poets so I suppose it doesn't matter.  I do like Rimbaud's work a bit more than Baudelaire's. And Rimbaud wrote most of his work between the ages of 16 and 21. So I'm not sure what the hell he actually had to write about.

But he did say, "Je est un autre" which translates poorly into "I is another."  It is a statement about identity and self (something your average 21-year old can barely comprehend). So I give Rimbaud credit. A few years later Rimbaud just stopped writing and spent the rest of his life traveling.

Not a bad idea if I think about it.

Baudelaire seemed to focus more on getting drunk (literally and symbolically). 

I'm guessing he chose wine more often than not. He liked decadence and art. Work, not so much. But he did like flirting with the devil.

Ah, the devil you say.  Here's to the dead French poets!

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