Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bless the beasts and the children

Tess and I traveled to Vancouver, WA to take our family out for dinner. I was a chance to reunite with some of her family and a chance for me to meet my newest niece, Delilah.

I'm telling you, it was difficult even for a crusty, old curmudeon like myself not to melt at the sight of this sweet little baby. She didn't even cry once when I held her (or spit up). It kind of put the whole Christmas season in perspective.

So that's it, no jokes, no rants and no weird words of wisdom. I just want to wish every one a very merry Christmas, especially all of the friends I've made in the blog world over the past year.



Alex Pendragon said...

Damn, Tim, you're no where NEAR as ugly as I thought you were! Hehe. That IS one darling little niece you have there. Merry Christmas, "old crumudgin"!

Time said...

It's a curse, same to you Michael.

Lauren said...

Love the kitty antlers... and what an adorable baby. Merry Christmas, dude.

Time said...

Thanks lauren. Don't think it was easy to get the cat to wear those long enough to snap a photo.

Merry Christmas to you, too, dudette.

Time said...

Thanks Cherish, She is a doll. We did have a great Christmas, hope you did, too.