Saturday, December 17, 2005


Dear Sir,

I do not understand you are you ready to help me distribute this funds to charity or not

Shadak Shari

Dear Shad,

You are truly dumb as a post.



Time said...

Sometimes you have to fish or cut bait. I cut bait. :)

Naughti Biscotti said...

I absolutely love your spam revenge tactics. This is another gem. Quality quality read here... and it gives me so many ideas for my own spammers and telemarketing calls.

Last week I got a call from someone-or-another wanting to sell me something. I have a very young voice and so am able to pretend my Mommy isn't home. However, I did ask my Mommy if she wanted to purchase their what-ever-it-is and she assured me that she most certainly does not.

Time said...

Thanks Shandi, I deal with telemarketing calls by never answering the phone. My voice is too low to use your technique.