Thursday, December 01, 2005, blue Christmas

I thought about calling this entry, "For unto you is born a King..." but I didn't want all of the religious nuts Googling in here and accusing me of blasphemy (which I am very often guilty of). Although I am really not as obsessed with Elvis as one might think, I have woven the King into our Christmas tradition with the annual decorating of the Elvis Tree.

The Elvis Tree was born out of my imagination a few years ago when faced with the dilemma of yet another Christmas and not wanting to kill a tree. It came to me in a vision. I pictured a white, artificial tree with blue lights and nothing but Elvis and Elvis-related ornaments.

After years of late nights on Ebay and countless gifts from well-meaning friends and family, I had plenty of Elvis stuff to decorate a tree. So I went to the nearest K-Mart and bought me a 6-foot white tree and some blue lights. The result was stunning as you can see:

It's even more stunning when you turn off the lights and experience Blue Christmas in all it's splendor:

And perched on top of the tree in front of the star is the King himself from the Elvis in Hawaii concert. I get teary-eyed ever time I look at it:

But the best part is the minature Graceland that I set up under the tree. I picked it up on eBay a few years ago. It came complete with Christmas decorations that light up. Unfortunately, our cats don't have the respect for the King's castle that I do:

Now that we are in our new house, I wasn't sure Tess would be open to the Elvis tree. But fortunately we have a big house and room for two trees.

I love my wife.

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