Thursday, December 29, 2005

My New Year's resolutions

"[Do not] make vetulas, [little figures of the Old Woman], little deer or
iotticos or set tables [for the house-elf, compare at Puck] at night or exchange
New Year gifts or supply superfluous drinks [another Yule custom]."
--the vita of St. Eligius written by his companion Ouen
I'm not sure what that quote means, but it has something to do with the traditions of 7th century druids in Flanders and the Netherlands of exchanging gifts at the new year. Apparently this pissed off St. Eligius (probably because he was Christian and none of the druids were giving him gifts).

Which leads to my list of resolutions for the New Year (bloggers seem to really love lists):
  1. I resolve to avoid creating lists in my blog.
  2. I resolve not to wear purple or purple and green tights (in public).
  3. I resolve not to use those cute little shortcut symbols that people seem to like to use in e-mails and instant messaging (I don't resolve not to publicly ridicule those who do ;)
  4. I resolve not to make fun of happy people (unless, of course, it makes them happy).
  5. I resolve not to watch reruns of the New Gilligan's Island, the Biggest Loser, the Bachelor, Beauty and the Geek or the Apprentice.
  6. I resolve not to whine about no one reading my blog.
  7. I resolve not to forward e-mails with cute photos or lists to anyone I really know very well.
  8. I resolve not to use more than eight Photoshopped images with my face on other people's bodies in any single blog entry.
  9. I resolve not to have a mullet.
  10. I resolve to blog about world peace, politics, injustice and my own personal opinions about stuff I know nothing about...NOT :)
  11. I resolve to avoid digressing in my blog. But did you ever notice that the word, "digress" is made up of the words, "dig" and "ress." Not that "ress" is actually a word. Unless you can't pronounce the letter "l" and then "ress" could mean "less" and then "dig" and "less" makes sense. Because "diglessing" could imply that you shouldn't dig too far into minutia on a subject and wander off topic...anyway...
  12. I resolve to do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to be Square and obey the laws of the pack. Actually that was something I resolved when I was a Cub Scout. I don't really buy into that crap anymore.

I think that's about all the resolutions I can deal with for one year. Anyway, I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. ;) LOL :(



darlingina said...

no please, not a mullet! crossing my fingers hoping no lists or cute lil pics show up in my e-mail since Ya don't know me well. Very cute post. ;o)
Love & Peace,

Alex Pendragon said...

You forgot to resolve to sacrifice shrubbery to your Lord Bob. Or to make sure to mention yours truly in each and every post in order to avoid the negative karma that would occur if you didn't. Or to mention to complete strangers in passing what a wonderfull blog MM&M is. Or to remember to forget you ever knew me due to these weird comments you keep getting.

Time said...

No Gina, I definitely will never venture down the mullet path. :{

the michael, bob knows I wouldn't ever forget to drive strangers into MM&M world.

Time said...

Well thank you Cherish and Happy New Year to you and yours, too!

Lauren said...

Love the resolutions...

Happy 2006, dude.

Time said...

Thanks Lauren, I believe in lowering the bar. Hope 2006 is your year!