Monday, December 26, 2005

A Tim-Elvis Christmas: A photo story

Yes, it was a an old fashioned Christmas at the H**** home this year. Tess and I rose early to unwrap gifts.

The cats got into the spirit of the season and helped distribute packages.

Everyone got dressed up in in new Christmas finery.

A chef at heart, I was particularily thrilled with my new 600-watt, Cuisinart blender .

In no time at all, I whipped up Christmas dinner, including this beautiful ham.

It was truly a feast fit for a king.

After dinner, everyone collapsed from the excitement.

It was truly a merry Christmas.


teri said...

It seams odd seeing your face on your body... Thanks for sharing!

Naughti Biscotti said...

Merry Christmas Tim. Tess is just beautiful and looks like a real sweetie. Wish her a Merry Christmas from me. Kiss your kitties from me too.

I'm with Teri, I was surprised not to see your face superimposed on your cat's body.

Time said...

That won't be the first time someone has told me it is odd seeing my face on my body. :)

Merry Christmas too you both.

Lauren said...

Yes, I agree it's odd... I half expected your and Tess' faces to be switched. ;o)

Love the kitty photos.

Time said...

I'm starting to get a complex. Well they say that married couples do start to look alike.

Although I'm generally opposed to people posting photos of their cats, I couldn't resist. The cats are pretty darned cute.

Alex Pendragon said...

Now wait.....Tim HAS a body? Wow.........

So, YOU got the quasinart. Boy, are YOU whiped!

I hope you retaliated by getting HER a vacuum cleaner, preferably one of those expensive new Dyson's.

You've been put on double secret mildly severe probation, my friend. Take that damn kitchen applicance back to the store and get a boy toy, or we may have to revote your damn membership!

I highly recommend an Imac or an Ipod.

Time said...

Hey Michael,

I really like to cook and the Cuisinart was something I wanted. I already have an iPod. But I did go out and buy myself a Gameboy the day after Christmas.