Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A meating of the minds...

I bought a laptop computer before I went to Boise so that I could tap into the power of wireless Internet access when I am on the road. I soon discovered that today's laptops are much more powerful than yesterday's desktops. I have grown attached to the laptop. We have become close buddies and share moments.

What does this have to do with a meat grinder? Be patient my friends. You should know by now that I make no point until it is time.

I now keep my laptop next to my easychair so that I can blog and watch television at the same time. I am still enthralled with wireless technology and DSL high speed access. I may start taking my laptop into the bathroom so that I can make even better use of my quiet time if you catch my drift.

Having a laptop with me at any given moment also allows me to run with vague whimsical thoughts and almost immediately translate them into blog sausage. I have become a virtual processed blog post factory. But it is all natural.

Of course, no one really wants to know how sausage is made. And I'm pretty sure all of us are sick of people blogging about why they blog or don't blog. Suffice it to say that, every now and then, a big greasy sausage tastes good despite our doctor's lectures about fat and cholesteral.

Which leads me to the content of many of my posts. I don't always really know what the posts are about half the time (like this one). I do know that they are rarely about what they appear to be about. This may seem confusing, but it makes sense to me. And I am a regular reader of my blog.

When I was in Boise, I threatened my nephew that I would write about him in my blog. His response was a shrug and a "nobody reads it anyway." A friend wrote me an email several weeks ago and asked me what was new. My response was a terse, "if you read my blog you would know." Another friend wrote me an email the other day and asked me how my blog was going. My response was, "you mean you don't read it every day?"

Even my wife doesn't read my blog every day. She does go through the posts every now and then to catch up. She read my post about blue flamingos and informed me that she is not obsessed with beauty bark. De Nile is not just a river in Egypt.

But I digress.

My conclusion? People don't eat sausages every day. But if they want one, I make them fresh more or less every day. I also freeze some. I have onions as well and, of course, some Grey Poupon.

I think they are pretty good plain,too.
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