Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sad Clown

"The commedia is over!"

Isn't a sad clown an oxymoron? It's like jumbo shrimp.

I've never seen the opera Pagliacci (Clowns). But anyone who has ever seen Seinfeld will probably remember the episode where Crazy Joe Davola dresses as Pagliaccio the clown to seek revenge. Oddly enough, my other association with the opera is a Rice Krispies commercial that played when I was a kid. The main character trys to pour a bowl of Rice Krispies but the box is empty. He begins singing, "No more Rice Krispies, We've run out of Rice Krispies. My tears will not stop until I hear snap, crackle pop." It was sung to music from Pagliacci, the opera.

I don't mean to seem unsophistocated, but I've never been able to develop an appreciation for opera. Oh, I like some of the music from operas, but sitting through one, even with subtitles is a painful experience for me.

I'm sure some people like operas. People go to them all of the time and gush. I fall asleep.

I like Jesus Christ Superstar, A Rock Opera. But I suppose purists would say it's not quite the same thing. I bought the soundtrack when I was about 13 years old. I memorized all of the parts, including Mary Magdelaine's. I think I would have made a pretty good Jesus (no offense Mickey).

Admitting I like an Anthony Lloyd Webber musical is pretty bold of me. I also like Phantom of the Opera.

Does that make me a bad person? If it's any consolation, I've never seen CATS.
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