Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Curses, meme'd again

Jane Poe was kind enough to list me in her top five blogs that make her think. The downside was that I was tagged to list mine. Here goes:

Olive Juice: Shandi was almost my first blog visitor. Her humor, art and insightful take on life has always sparked my synapses and made them fire more than once. Her blog is by invitation only now, but it's worth tipping the doorman to get on the list.

Mickey Ripped: Mickey has gone walkabout Down Under, but in his day he waxed brilliance. Of course he is also Jesus, so he's got that going for him.

Lyric Flight: Hayden and Jake team up to provide lots of food for thought. Her cooking posts will particular whet your appetite for more.

Eats, shoots and leaves: Kristy makes me wonder. I'll leave it at that. But watch your grammar and spelling.

Finally, whether it is against the rules or not I nominate Jane Poe, Nevermore: JP combines poetry and prose to inspire many. Her positive thinking is also a model for us all. Plus, I think she needs to come up with yet another five blogs that make her think.

Touche JP.
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