Sunday, March 11, 2007

Reflections on a Sunday morning after daylight savings time

My computer didn't automatically adjust for daylight savings time. I suppose it is making a statement about the arbitrary nature of saying what time it is. It's about as stupid as having someone deciding to start calling blue, red.

But you can't really go against time. Or at least you can't really go against how the majority decide to measure it. Because since we can't control time we have to be content to measure it, watching it dribble away as we fret about ways to keep it at bay.

I've noticed that much of the blog community I am privy to has been aggitated of late. There is lots of starting and stopping and wringing of hand's posts. I can't help but think it is related to our futile efforts to control time. Or maybe it is part of our futile efforts to control anything.

Which is why when someone is debating whether or not to keep blogging, I encourage them to write even more. It may not help you control things in your life, but it puts a certain sense of order to it. It's very much akin to measuring time and our lives. Plus it gives you a written record of it.

So little time, so many blogs.
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