Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bars on the windows

The full moon is knocking at my door again and I have felt it messing with my muse. It has also been unseasonably hot in Seattle and I do believe I am suffering an attack of the vapors.

I am having a hard time focusing on serious subjects, so out of curiosity, I browsed some of my own archives to see what I was up to a year ago. I was surprised to see that I was in Boise staying in a Shilo Inn next to the airport while visiting my mother and the graves of some ancestors. It doesn't seem like a year ago.

But in some ways it seems like ages.

A year ago I was also responding to a meme regarding quirky things about myself. Most of them seem to have been OCD type behaviours. For example, I wrote I can't stand being in a house without the doors locked and the shades drawn. If I was tagged to participate in the same meme today, I would refuse and say that I have determined that I am also morbidly afraid of memes (and mimes...but that's a whole different story). Maybe completing memes is a bit too much like sitting in a house with unlocked doors and the shades up.

I compromise a bit with my blog, though. I'll let the shades up, but I'm going to put up a few bars. That way you can peer in and I can peer out and everyone is safe.

What is the fascination with memes anyway. Everybody is always poking you with a stick and asking you to step outside your comfort zone and share. Sometimes I like being in my comfort zone. It is comfortable there. That is why is is called a comfort zone. I think that unless you are sitting in a room stacked with newspapers and empty MacDonald's coffee cups, surrounded by cats that you don't clean up after, people should leave well enough alone.

This is not to say that I have ever sat in a room stacked with newspapers and empty MacDonald's coffee cups and surrounded by cats. I don't like to read newspapers (which is odd for a journalism major) and I despise MacDonald's coffees. We do have three cats, so sometimes I do feel surrounded but we clean up after them...constantly.

While I'm sitting here with my shades up, peering out of the barred window, I will let you know that I have this thing about my garage door, too. Unless I consciously say, "The door is closed," after I've backed out of the garage, I start freaking when I'm a block away wondering if I remembered to close it. I've backed up several blocks just to check.

I don't like short sleeved dress shirts with ties, either.

I'm going back into my comfort zone now.
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