Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blog Bores

I realize that, over time, I have spent an inordinate amount of time writing about my blog insecurities, which puts me in the category of some of the blog bores I rant about on occasion. But it dawned on me that even when Luke Skywalker followed Yoda's advice to "do, or do not" Darth Vader cut off his hand and told him that he, the dark lord was his father. So even motivational platitudes can lead you astray at times.

I also don't want to retrace the "why do we blog" ground. More than enough has been written on that. We all have our own reasons. I started blogging almost three years ago because I stumbled into Blogger via Google and was intriqued by the whole, unfathomable thing.

But I must admit that it was much simpler in the beginning. As with anything new, I was giddy with the possibilities. There were no rules. So I wrote that way. And I was encouraged by the zero in the comments counter to keep on writing without rules. What difference did it make if no one was reading it anyway?

For better or worse, being read changes the way you write. It's like being able to run around your house nude and uninhibited as long as the shades are drawn. Then when one of the shades accidently goes up and you see one of your neighbors staring at you in all of your naked glory you run for your bathrobe (this is an analogy, not a confession).

Don't get me wrong. I love comments (some comments I love more than others). It is nice to have people from all over the world stop by. I just wish I could take off the robe now and then. And I'm sure some of you will say, go ahead, we can handle it. But when you get down to it, people say they want the naked truth, but in reality it looks better with clothes on.

But to overcome my occasional blogger's block, every now and then I'm going to have to let the robe fly open. Not everyone is going to appreciate it. But that's okay. I trust that everyone who reads my blog on a regular basis will understand and avert their eyes if necessary. I'd do the same for you.

Okay enough of the naked analogy or I'll have to dig out my Dirty Doughnuts masthead again. I think you get the idea. I just hope you can get the mental image out of your heads.
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