Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I scream

I got a brochure today for a training seminar about the seven secrets of effective managers. It was the typical motivational speaker jibba jabba. They listed the seven things in the brochure, so I'm not sure why you would then need to go to the seminar.

The only one of the secrets I remember from the brochure was "Understand first, then try to understand." Okay, I kind of like that jibba jabba. I have been guilty of not trying to understand someone's point of view before trying to get them to understand mine. I suppose if you really want to communicate with someone you should try to at least listen to what they are trying to say first before you try to shove your opinion down their throat.

But then again I suppose if you do bother to listen to what someone is saying and still think they are full of shit, it is okay to force feed them your own opinion. Because then it is their turn to try and "understand first."

I don't think many people really listen though. Everyone is screaming to be heard, but no one is shutting up to listen. And when you realize no one is listening, you scream a little louder. But maybe, just maybe the way to be heard is to be quiet.

And god knows there are lots of people in the world I wish would just shut up, because I'm trying to be heard here.
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