Sunday, February 11, 2024

A man walks into a cell...

I'm sure this probably offends someone who thinks I'm making fun of convicts who are also standup comedians. Jokes on you. If this was serious, the comic con would likely be wearing an orange jumpsuit like Don Knotts in old Three's Company episodes after the actor who played Mr. Roper died.

I lost most of you didn't I.

Digressions about popular culture from different decades will often do that.

And speaking of the Super Bowl, I didn't watch it. Well most of it. It was on at a restaurant we were at for dinner and I know it went into overtime. And because Taylor Swift is dating a Kansas City Chief, they won. Because you don't want the wraith of the Swifties coming down on you if you are an advertiser on the Super Bowl and the team that Taylor Swift wasn't rooting for won.

I can only hope Taylor urges her hordes not to support Trump. 

Though I'm not sure how the Kansas City Chiefs got away with keeping their name that is offensive to Indigenous people and still played in the Super Bowl. 

Don't get me started.

Yes, I know that it was a pretty random segue way  from Mr. Roper to the Super Bowl, but I figured I needed to get it in some way. You have to be on top of trends if you are going to sell t-shirts. And I am now up to 118 designs to choose from.

If I keep this up, I'll have more unsold t-shirt designs than unread blog posts on my blog.

But it will be pretty impressive. 

Is this thing on?

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