Saturday, February 17, 2024

He built this city...right

 Trumps chimp for a son is quoted as stating that his father built the skyline of New York City and now he is being treated poorly for defrauding that same city and the state. He is threatening to take all of his toys and go home to Florida where the chosen will rebuild.

Give me a break. 

The man is a liar and cheat and he finally got caught and he still doesn't want to own up to what he has done. And it will likely make him even more popular.

The world is totally f'd up right now.  Putin is putting more and more people in prison and killing outspoken opponents. And Trump loves him. Because he wants to be like Putin and be in office for 30 years without limits.

Whiney ass Tucker Carlson interviews Putin and acts like the man is just misunderstood.

And the here we sit.

What blows me away is the self-righteous indignation of his son. How dare they question his father's lies. Could it be that he is probably more concerned about his inheritance being eaten away? That is if his father had any intention of leaving any of it to him anyway.

He is also quoted saying his father is leading by divine intervention. 

Makes this image even more appropriate. 

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