Tuesday, February 13, 2024

What's the buzz?


I'll let you think about this one for a minute.  But methinks you shouldn't think too much or the pun will be for 

It was another one of those days where ideas came, but a Google search crapped over most of them. I was going to do, "Silence of the Spam" but it had been done. Then I tried "Silence of the ham." Done.  So has "Silence of the Yams" and "Silence of the Jams." 

So anything related to "Silence of the Lambs" is out. Probably too old of a movie to be relevant anyway. 

I moved on to another dump on Trump T-shirt.

Amazing how well his face fit on the Cowardly Lion. The man was made for the role, but in a bad way. You at least had some sympathy for the Cowardly Lion. Trump is just a cowardly bully that probably has lost all touch with what is a lie. Doesn't really matter with his business model.

Not that dump Trump shirts are pouring off the shelves. I think people might be afraid to wear one for fear the MAGA goons will come down on them. Another similarity to Hitler and his brown shirt wearing goons. These just wear red.

I post them on Twitter X, but nothing. I was a bit concerned I would attract trolls, but they probably are all on Trump's social media network in their circles being jerks.  I don't think they really would work on Instagram. Though I like the artistic nature of this one.

Facebook seems useless for posting anything but cat and kid pics. I can't bring myself to post anything on Tik Tok and still images just don't cut it unless you put them in a slide show with a computer generated voice reading ghost stories that are supposedly from Reddit.

Speaking of Northern Exposure, I've started watching it on Amazon Prime since I never really watched it years ago when it first came out. I'm quite enjoying it even though most of the actors are probably now in their 80s or dead. It was filmed in Washington too.

How do you like the smooth way I worked in what I was streaming. Though I am kind of pissed that Amazon Prime has also snuck in ads without reducing the price of Prime. Granted they are only about 15 seconds, but that is 15 seconds past my attention span these days.

Good thing I'm in marketing and love advertising.

I just glanced up at the lower part of the Trump as the cowardly lion image and it dawned on me that he looks a lot like bigfoot, too.

Now that is Tik Tok material.


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