Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Put your best foot forward


Once again I revived a concept from years ago. The six feet under pun came from a December 2014 post I wrote about accidently art.  I like this image better. It uses a photo I took outside a church in Talaton, England many, many years ago. I like the starkness of it.The tree truly belongs near a cemetery.

It can be an allusion to how deep they bury you or the HBO series Six Feet Under.  No one seems to remember it since the main actor became the loveable serial killer Dexter. 

During the pandemic, six feet was the magic distance you were supposed to stay from people to avoid COVID. I had played with the concept of an ad that said, "Six feet apart or six feet under. You choose." Seems a bit overly dramatic now.  No one gives a rip about COVID now.

Though no one seems in a hurry to return to daily work in an office environment either. Funny how we pick and choose what precautions benefit us.

I think six feet under was the depth they decided on for burying someone so animals wouldn't dig them up. Seems archaic now since they put people in metal coffins surrounded by a concrete barrier. Not that I plan on being buried. Seems a waste of space, especially when everyone has forgotten you.

I have probably mentioned this before, but when I do genealogy on I try my best to associate photos of the person with their name on the family tree. It seems to be so depressing to have the only memory left of you a worn stone in an untended grave.

It is sad to me that people have lost the art of passing down family histories. Even oral history would help keep people's memories alive.  

Meanwhile I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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