Thursday, February 22, 2024

Sing like no one is watching

 Just to keep things even, I'll bookend my lopsided inspirational quote about dancing with on about singing. It's something I wish I could do, but although I had a nice voice up until it changed at puberty I now have the range one might expect of an old man.

But I like to sing along with my guitar playing. I'm okay with those raspy songs and some country. I can do low ballads, but I am no Roy Orbison.

Though I like to sing, "Crying" in a sub optimal range that only dogs can hear. My dog doesn't appreciate it (speaking os lugubrious howls).

When I was a buddhist, I could get a pretty good chant going.

Singing, however, like my guitar playing and limited dancing is something I keep to myself (except for blog posts...which is pretty much keeping it to myself).

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