Thursday, February 15, 2024

Lost art

This is another design that came to me in the wee hours this morning (I call them the wee hours because I get up a lot during the night to pee). 

TMI, I know.

I actually came up with this one first:

The beauty of this one is that tons of people on have done Lost in Space t-shirts. But none of them have done this one. 

There may be a reason for that, but I kind of like it. I kind of like the first one, too. I saw the original Love sculpture in Philadelphia many years ago. Philadelphia is famous for having tons of street murals and artwork like that. 

I think they should create one with my LOST design and call it Love Lost.

Maybe they'll make a postage stamp out of it too.

I suppose that suggestion is lost on a lot of you.

I feel like a slacker since I only created two t-shirt designs today. But the LOST one took a bit of time to create. It looks bitchin' on a coffee cup and magnet, too. Just planting that idea in case a t-shirt seems like too big of a commitment for you.

Get LOST, cheap skate.


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