Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Eat your heart out Hallmark

It may not be a pretty sight, but I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!


cherish said...

AWESOME picture!!! You really do have a talent with that photoshop. Wishing you much love and passion on this Valentine's Day!

Tim ID said...

Thanks Cherish! Here's wishing you an awsome Valentine's Day, too! And thanks for pointing me to the candy heart generator.

shandi said...


Great photo. You don't look a day over 3 years old. Tell me, why is this cherub holding a hammer? Looks a bit threatening with the whole stocking cap and sunglasses. Love is like getting your ass hammered by Steven Segal.

Tim ID said...


Like a good wine, I age well. Think of it as a blue collar cupid. Also I've been listening to Emenem lately.

Happy Valentim's Day!

The Michael said...

To friggin weird, as usual.......I loved it!

Tim ID said...

I love you too, man!