Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Clawdius...

Yesterday, someone commented on a blog entry I wrote back in October of 2004 about my amazing ability to win prizes from claw machines called Doing the Claw. First, it freaks me when I get comments on some old entry because like most people, once it's off the recent entries list, I forget all about it and don't know what the commentor is talking about. Second, it reinforces my theory that people are doing google searches on some pretty random stuff and have way too much time on their hands.

Not that I don't appreciate someone reading the archived material. No one read it when I first wrote it, and after rereading "Doing the Claw," I have to admit it was pretty cutting edge. One might even said it was ahead of its time. Because when I did a random search for "claw machine blogs" I found lots of people jumped on the bandwagon after me and started writing about claw machines.

For example, I found a photo of a claw machine in Japan where you try to pick up live lobsters instead of stuffed animals (which are really too cheap to really give away as presents).

Sorry, it just doesn't work for me. Although I've been known to eat the occasional lobster tail on a cruise, I've always had difficulty with the whole choosing what creature you are going to eat before it is dead routine. Hypocritical, I know, but it's just the way I feel. Tormenting the poor creature with a claw machine is just wrong.

That being said, I think I would be very good at the Marine Catcher, because I am still the Jedi of the Claw Machine. I've been banned from several Top Foods grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest (and not just for those misunderstandings in the produce sections...I don't want to go into it here). And I'm convinced that Sugarloaf, the company that makes most of the claw machines in area grocery stores, has given up sending ponytailed cyborgs to throw me off my game and have resorted to semi-harassing phone calls and spam. Just a theory and not an accusation (I'm saying this for legal reasons).

I've taken to wearing disquises when going to the grocery store just so I can play the claw machine without being ejected or drawing a crowd. Celebrity has its price. But if you see a middle-aged man dressed in a Teletubby suit (not the purple one) playing the claw machine in your grocery store, I can assure you it is not me. Do you think I'm that tacky?
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