Saturday, February 25, 2006

Viva Dizgraceland

As many of you may have suspected, I have been unable to blog because I have been kidnapped by a Mariachi band and forced to stroll around this cruise ship singing incomprehensible things. It's an okay gig, but I'm getting tired of singing La Bamba.

Actually the cruise has been pretty keen and Tess and I have been having a great time (though I did have to endure a 20 minute monologue about oatmeal by the guy at the next table this morning at breakfast...more about this when I get back). I did just want to drop a short blog to all of my blogworld friends to let you know I am still kicking. Blogging at sea isn't as easy as I would have hoped. I can't really upload photos. But I promise to share all 400 photos I've taken as soon as we are home.

Sorry, have to run. Bingo is about to start. It's bling bling night and I want to win some gold chains.
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