Saturday, February 11, 2006

I write a blog

Seems like it's been forever,
Since I wrote my very first Blog.
I put the words and the graphics together,
I am a geek,
Coz I write a blog.

I write a Blog that makes the whole world cringe.
I write a Blog to loath about stupid things.
I write a Blog that makes the young girls cry.
I write a Blog,
I write a Blog.

My homepage takes up lots of bandwidth,
But I’ve got my own place on the Web.
Now, when I look at my blog through your eyes,
The jokes seem young again, even though they're very old.

Oh my words can make you wince
And nothing I say will ever convince,
That I have much of anything to say.
I know it's not really art,
But, that’s a real fine place to start.
It’s from me it’s for you,
It’s from you, it’s from me,
It’s a world wide Web-ony!

I think I'm amusing, coz I write a blog.
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