Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Call me Mr. Blue

I won't tell you
When you paint the town
A bright red to turn it upside down
I'm painting it too
But I'm painting it blue
Call me Mr. Blue
Call me mister
--Garth Brooks, Mr. Blue
When I was in First Grade, my teacher divided up the class into the Blue Team and the Red Team for a basketball game. I was on the Blue Team. Blue has been my favorite color ever since.

My eyes are blue. My aura is blue. But I wasn't born a blueblood.

I owned a green parakeet when I was 12 years old and I named him Blue (I later bought a blue parakeet and and named him Topper...go figure).

Wallace Stevens, "The Man With the Blue Guitar" is my favorite poem. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues is one of my favorite Tom Robbins books. Rodrigue's Blue Dog's are some of my favorite art (but I don't think I've ever seen a Blue Tick Hound).

"Blue Moon" is one of my favorite Elvis songs (though I listen to it once in a blue moon). "Blue Christmas" is my favorite Christmas song. Blue Hawaii is not my favorite Elvis movie, but it is an okay drink. I've never owned a pair of blue suede shoes, but I think they would be cool. I do have a Velvet Elvis painting done entirely in blue.

"Caribbean Blue" is my favorite Enya song and I like to listen to it while drinking Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica. "Blue Bayou" is my favorite Linda Ronstadt song. The Blue Bayou Restaurant is my favorite restaurant in Disneyland.

The Blue's Brothers were my favorite Saturday Night Live characters. I like Blue Man Group. Blue Velvet was the first David Lynch film I ever saw.

I like bleu cheese and chicken cordon bleu (even though they are spelled wrong). Blueberries are nice with cream. Blue popcicles really do taste blue. I always dye my first Easter egg blue.

I like it when it is hotter than blue blazes. I can sometimes talk a blue streak. And I think of things out of the blue, now and then.

Blue does come with lots of questions, though. I don't understand why there is a blue bird of happiness, yet the Lady Sings the Blues. Can anything really make your brown eyes blue (other than contacts). Why do Robin Redbreasts lay blue eggs? How can we have blue skys, yet we can be in a blue funk. And why are some porn flicks called Blue Movies?

I don't like the fact that blue, my favorite color, is associated with sad things. It makes me blue.
But then again, it is my favorite color, so I might as well be it.
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