Saturday, January 06, 2007

Field of Dreams

Tess and I went to the Seahawks first playoff game tonight against the Dallas Cowboys. We had pregame field passes and got to watch the Cowboys and the Seahawks warm up. I saw Terrell Owens up close.

And of course Shawn Alexander.

There was Drew Bledsoe:

And Matt Hassleback:


They also won.


Footpad said...

I'm not so sure they won as much as the Cowboys lost.

Nevertheless, it's good to see them advance with a win. I hope there's another.

-- f

Time said...

TO's photo is not grainy, it is artistically enhanced to reflect an impressionistic depiction of the dreamlike quality of being at the sidelines.

FP, The Seahawks will likely once again be in the championship game and will once again be dissed whether they win or lose.

The lord works in mysterious ways.

Whitesnake said...

How come they got all that padding?
How come the game stops and starts all the time?
How come the Seahawks won?

Hey ........Ain't it grat to be a supporter!!!!

Time said...

If you had hairy and tattooed 6 foot 7 inch man that weighs close to 400 pounds slamming into you at a high rate of speed, you'd would wear padding too (maybe are an Aussie). The starts and stops are usually for commercials that pay the multimillion dollar salaries (baseball just starts and stops randomly while people figure out what the game is all about). And the Seahawks won because Jesus is their pilot.

Aren't you glad you asked?

Naughti Biscotti said...

Did you photoshop the green guy in the 5th photo? Doesn't look quite real.

Sounds like you had a ball.

Hayden said...

green guy? humm. maybe the jolly green not-really-a-giant?

Time said...

I didn't even notice the green guy in the background, so no, it wasn't Photoshopped. That's pretty much par for the course, however, for a professional football game.

Hayden, I was thinking the Incredible Hulk, but he is quite becoming don't you think?

anna said...

Aww, you look like a big happy kid. Priceless indeed.

Time said...

Thanks! It was kind of like being a kid again. And I got to stay up late, too! :)

darlingina said...

Awesome photos Tim... indeed priceless. And I like the ones with you in them the best! Congrats to Your team... i was watching and cheering You on.
Love & Peace,

Time said...

Gina, awww...pawshaw....but thanks :)