Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Flights of fancy

Despite many of your attempts to do an Icarus on my buzz (a reference to a Greek myth that may require some of you to do some Googling) about thinking young thoughts and staving off the ravages of Father Time, I'm holding fast to my resolve. And even if I do say so myself, my young self is looking pretty least in my mind.

Even when I was at the gym this evening, fighting to get a machine in the madness of the post New Year's resolution rush, I was thinking young and slim thoughts. Even my profuse sweating seemed to be that of a younger, sweaty man.

Go ahead and scoff. Think your old thoughts in your same old way. But I'm getting younger as we speak. Even as I prepare to face my last year in my 40s I'm not daunted by 50 wagging it's wrinkled old behind at me.

But shoot me if I ever tell people I'm almost 49 years young.


Whitesnake said...

Ok I'll wait and see how long it will last.
Go Tim Go I say.

Later in the year I promise not to use the line.
"I told you so!"

Hayden said...

ummm, nice pair of...... wings, you got there!

Time said...

Whitesnake, now let's not be a nattering naybob of negativity.

Hayden, You don't think they make my butt look big, do you?

Anonymous said...

Careful there...your robe is slung so low on your hips you're almost showing your youth.

Alex Pendragon said...

You forgot the pair of fuzzy dice........:)

darlingina said...

LOL Michael! You look fabulous Tim, then and now. ;o)
Happy New Year to You and Tess!

Time said...

Miss Bliss,
The robe is hung so low to cover my youth.

THE Michael,
No Dice.

Gina, Happy New Year to you. Don't encourage THE Michael though.