Saturday, January 27, 2024

A pirate eye be


Yes, I am a pirate, two hundred years too late

The cannons don't thunder, there's nothin' to plunder

I'm an over-65 victim of fate

Arriving too late, arriving too late

-- A Pirate Looks at Forty, Jimmy Buffett 
Okay, so when Jimmy Buffett wrote the song, it read "I'm an over-40 victim of fate." Forty seems pretty stinking young to me now so I took literary license and changed it to over 65. Though I doubt many pirates lived too much past 40 anyway. My good friend tells me Blackbeard was in his late 30s or early 40s when he was killed. Captain Kidd was hung when he was 55.

I'd say 65 would be a pretty ripe age for a pirate and I doubt I'd be up for much in the way of cannons thundering or doing a lot of plundering anyway.  Wearing an eyepatch is about as much pirating as I think I should be considering anyway. Though I did consider pirating videotapes in my day.

I think it is funny that Jimmy Buffet (why is it I can't seem to refer to him as anything but his full name) wrote a song about being over the hill at 40. I was just getting into my groove at 40. I remember my friends at the time took me to a Hooters to celebrate and a bunch of the Hooter Girls sang me a birthday song and posed for a photo with me.

That was classy.

Still, I wish I looked as good now as I did when I was 40.  

Need I remind you that Elvis died when he was 42. His lifestyle did make him age a bit more than he would have. Him wearing jumpsuits at the end of his career wasn't a pretty sight. 

God knows you won't see me wearing any jumpsuits (or leisure suits) at my age.  I've pretty much resigned myself to jeans and t-shirts.

Speaking of t-shirts, you can buy one with good old one-eyed Captain Tim here

You knew I couldn't end a post these days without a shameless plug for my fans to buy my t-shirts. So far it still hasn't generated any sales, but I am persistent. By the time I hit 70 I expect to have sold one to someone besides myself.


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