Thursday, January 18, 2024

Tiki mugs and Tiki bars

I woke up  at 4 a.m. with all of these ideas for t-shirt designs including this "mug" shot of a Tiki mug (which I am pretty proud of).  I'd probably buy one if they weren't a bit on the pricey side when you tack on the delivery fees. 

I think it is pretty damned funny. But I tend to think a lot of my puns are funny and after almost 20 years doing this blog I've learned not to trust my judgement a great deal when it comes to what is funny and what is not. 

I still think this is funny. Though I have been obsessed with Tiki mugs for the past several years. I have to remind myself that they are really not an investment (you would think all of those years buying Elvis shit would have taught me a lesson). 

I had never even heard of until I was looking for Lisa Marie stuff for a shadow box I was putting together with an autography I bought of her years ago thinking she would eventually be as famous as her father. I found these Lisa Marie stickers on and purchased a couple. I'm not sure how the person who created those got away with selling them without the Elvis Presley Enterprises police crawling up their butt the way HBO did mine for the whole White Walker fiasco. I guess they just didn't post anything on Twitter X to draw attention to them.

Which is ironically what you would do if you actually wanted sell anything. Not that Twitter X has done much for me other than get me on HBO's naughty list. I still haven't sold anything. 

I am having fun though. I like the creative outlet. Nothing like one more area of creativity that I can spew my talents on and be ignored by the world.

Note to self: figure out a way to turn invisibility into a t-shirt. Considering I'm already good at being invisible you'd think coming up with a t-shirt about it should be a walk in the park. 

Just not a White Walker walk in the park.

F-you HBO.

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