Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Post no cards


When was the last time you sent someone a postcard? Do they even sell them anymore? I used to buy them when I travelled just to have a record of places I'd been. It was more like buying a shot glass or souvenir spoon then getting something to send somebody. 

Hotels and motels used to stock them in the desks in hotel rooms. It was always one of the first things I took when I checked in. Of course they were also some of the first things I trashed when I cleaned out my drawers at home years after taking trips and glomming onto all of the postcards and stationary from the room.

I never took towels, though. I rarely stayed anyplace nice enough to want their towel.

Now they give you squat at hotels. You are lucky if you get those little bars of soap or a shoeshine cloth. I still snag the pens and pencils, though. You used to get matches.

When was the last time you saw a book of matches, either.

We've become a digital world with nothing to be nostalgic about except for things we used to pilfer from hotels when we stayed at them.

I also miss those paper bands they used to put on the toilet seats that said, "Sanitized for your protection." Or was that the paper things they put drinking glasses in.

Something tells me they used to sanitize the drinking glasses by dipping them in the the toilet.

Those were the days.

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