Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Death be not proud (well, not too proud)


I call this one "Brush with death." It is not that I have had a brush with death (literally or figuratively). But maybe on some level when I thought I was having a stroke and ended up in the emergency room and then was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy it was a reminder that death eventually rings all of our door bells.

I am afraid this one is a bid too morbid to sell a lot of t-shirts. Not that I've sold a lot of t-shirts. I've technically sold two. But in reality it is only one that I bought myself. And it was a Dizgraceland t-shirt and they messed up the printing. It was supposed to look like my blog masthead and have the Graceland gates on each side. But apparently that was too complicated for the printer and they just left it off. I complained and said that, although the printer couldn't reprint that one correctly I could pick any shirt I wanted and they would give it to me at no charge. 

So I picked another of my designs (the Groovinol Man that has my face on the da Vinci drawing). I want to see if they can print that one correctly before I order any more of my own designs. 

But through this long, complicated dance with the t-shirts my storefront shows I've sold two t-shirts. And apparently no one cares if they were both sold to me, the designer and proprietor of Dizgraceland.

Bottom line, has thousands of designs on their website. And, like my blog, I am just one of those thousands (though in the case of my blog, I am one in millions of blogs. Something tells me I could advertise it on the Super Bowl and still not see an uptick in traffic to my blog or online store.

I find it ironic that I am a professional marketing person and for 20 years I've been unable to promote my blog enough to actual get people to visit it, let alone read it. 

It's enough to give a guy a complex. 

I'm dying out here in blog land. 

Ding dong. Who's there?

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