Sunday, January 28, 2024

Duck, duck, chicken


I have started waking up around 4 a.m. every morning and laying there thinking of designs. Okay they start as puns and evolve into designs and eventually, potentially (if someone buys them) t-shirts. I have always had a way with word play...okay puns...okay dad jokes. Though I am not sure how they could be dad jokes when you are a teenager. 

But that's where this Chicken Little design came from. God knows why I would think of a chicken saying the sky is falling and a duck states the obvious, "Duck."  Some may not get it, but it makes me chuckle. 

It also reflects the way I feel about economic news since 2020. Not a day seemed to go by that there wasn't a dire prediction that our economy was going to tank and we would have the mother of all recessions. But other than inflation that makes it difficult to go out to dinner without choking at the prices, the economy seemed to ignore the predictions. Now the economic news is all about how everything is peachy. And my 401K seems to be back on track so that gives me a momentary sense of well being.

Until they start predicting doom and gloom again.


So far I have uploaded 66 designs to my online store. On one hand it seems excessive, but on the other hand I feel pretty good that I keep cranking them out despite the lack of enthusiasm from anyone but me. But I have practice being enthusiastic since I've been blogging for 20 years with not much to show for it.

I have to tell you though, coming up with design ideas gives me the creative outlet I've been missing for years now. I really look forward to it. I've produced lots of stuff I'm really proud of. 

The sky is the limit. Unless it is falling.


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