Wednesday, January 31, 2024


I first posted about "Howling the lugubrious howl" back in December 2016. First I just like the word "lugubrious." And although I can't stand most poetry I think this was some of D.H. Lawrence's best work. Not that he cares (since he is dead.) I don't think most English majors care that I think this is great work either. They are too busy either making espresso drinks or making high school students write essays about the Life of Pi

And if I quoted this poem at work I would get a great hew and cry about how calling people idiots isn't very sensitive. They would likely say I am being IQ-ist, smartist (or smart ass-ist), or sanist. But most those comments would likely come from idiots anyway.

Fortunately I am writing this in my blog and don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about such things. Though I am not sure what "give a fuck" really means. It's not like people tend to assign great value to fucking anyway. Maybe I should say I wouldn't give a lot of money for what anyone thinks anyway.

I seem to be swearing more in my blog these days. I must confess it makes me a bit sheepish. Though I'm not sure what sheep have to do with it. Perhaps they swear and bolt randomly. Sheep do that. 

Bolt randomly that is. I'm just conjecturing about the swearing.

But I digress.

Or as I wrote about back in 2016, I should say, "Pause for lugubrious howl."

There are times when I am in work meetings that I would like to howl lugubriously. It would be nice to wear a nice wolf cap like D.H. Lawrence is sporting, too (though I gave it to him). 

I imagine I would really make the sheep nervous then.


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