Saturday, January 13, 2024

Getting something off my chest


You should know by now that I am not above shamelessly promoting myself. I found a website that you can upload your own designs and they'll print and fulfill products for you and hopefully pay more than pays for my writing (I made four cents last month).  It's called You can visit my storefront here.  Or click on the t-shirt above.

I've uploaded some of my mindless thoughts that never quite took off on YouTube or Facebook. But I figured I just wasn't reaching the right audience. 

Shoot, I even created some Dizgraceland t-shirts. So you could technically become a walking billboard for my blog.

I've actually discovered (by buying one of my own t-shirts) that I made a $1 off a $16 t-shirt (that costs about $6.50) to ship. 

Who knows, between the, selling t-shirts and reselling stuff on eBay, I may make enough to buy a can of cat food. 

Things like that give me comfort in my old age.

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