Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Gruuvinol' Man


My good friend ChatGPT describes Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man this way:

The Vitruvian Man is a famous drawing created by the Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci around the year 1490. It is a representation of the ideal proportions of the human body, based on the work of the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius.

The drawing depicts a man standing in two superimposed positions with his arms and legs apart inside both a square and a circle. The square represents the proportional perfection of the human body, while the circle symbolizes the divine and cosmic significance. The Vitruvian Man is often associated with the concept of symmetry and the idea that the human body can be harmoniously inscribed within geometric shapes.

Leonardo da Vinci's illustration is a testament to his interest in anatomy, proportion, and the intersection of art and science during the Renaissance period. The Vitruvian Man has become an iconic symbol of the Renaissance and is widely recognized as a representation of the balance and symmetry found in the human form.

I also asked ChatGPT to describe "Guuvinol' Man." It was basically speechless.  This is probably because it is a word I made up to describe my riff on Vitruvian Man. I consider it a more realistic homage to the human body ( human body) than Da Vinci's. And I took the liberty of adding pants and a bitchin' Aloha shirt to preserve my modesty and protect the world from the "perfection" of my body.

I do seriously doubt that Da Vinci would have drawn his groovy old man body instead of the lean, mean one he drew. I somehow think body shaming isn't a new development and he didn't want the blow back on Instagram.

I started this odd journey because I mistakenly believed the Vitruvian Man drawing had been placed on the Golden Record that was sent on Voyager 1 and 2 back in 1977 (which was a year after I graduated from high school). The Golden Record was a metal phonograph record containing images and sounds that were supposed to convey what life was like on Earth. 

I can only imagine aliens finding one of the Voyagers and the Golden Record, being kind of pissed and saying, "What? Where are the CDs?" 

Anyway, I thought they included an image of the Vitruvian Man so I was going to post my Groovyol' Man with some commentary about my blog being like Voyager and people in the future would discover it and think WTF?

I imagine that may still happen in the not too distant future.

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