Thursday, July 13, 2006

Flights of fancy

If you've ever flown Alaska Airlines you have probably noticed the large face on the tail of their airplanes. For the longest time, I could have sworn it was the face of Ben Johnson, the cowboy actor who won an Academy Award for The Last Picture Show. Now although this seemed an odd choice to me, I accepted it as just one of those things.

Eventually it was brought to my attention that the face on the tail of the airplane is that of an unknown Eskimo. That does make more sense then Ben Johnson since the airline originated in Alaska. Though I am willing to bet that not too many Eskimos fly Alaska Airlines.

Which leads me to today's point: I fly Alaska Airlines...alot. I have an Alaska Airlines credit card and I am enrolled in their frequent flyer club. So shouldn't it be my face on the tail of at least one Alaska Airlines jet? I think so.


So much for my jet-stream of consciousness.
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