Sunday, August 20, 2006

Boy Toy

Unless I happen to get offered a role in the next Star Wars sequel, it is highly unlikely I will ever have an action figure modeled after me. Ordinairy people do not have action figures. Oh sure, there is Ken. But Ken is not an action figure. Ken is a doll and Barbie's androgenous be-otch.

There is a lot of press about how Barbie represents this unrealistic image of a female ideal. She is tall, blonde and unproportionately busty. Regardless, she has been popular for years with young ladies (and a few young men). I don't know of any one who thinks of Ken as a role model, realistic or unrealistic. He is a wimp. I'm not even sure why Barbie hangs out with him.

I think it would be more realistic if they created a Ken doll that had a pot belly, double chin and farted when you pulled his finger. He would also be commitment phobic and ignore Barbie. You can bet Barbie would be all over him.

Then Ken would be an action figure.
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