Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fear itself

Most kids growing up are taught that inside every bully is a coward. The irony is that in order to get them to leave you alone, you have to make them think you are scarier than they are. I was never very good at that (at least not until I discovered Photoshop).

It's funny, though, that to face our fears, we must sometimes be fearful instead of fearless.

I questioned once awhile back about what the boogie man was afraid of. Because if you were scarier than the boogie man, you really wouldn't have much else to be afraid of.

But we all have fears. We may be afraid of death. Or we may be afraid of life. The fears don't have to be rational things. They can be sparked by insecurities or dreams. I think the imaginary things are sometimes more frightening than the real things. You can at least see the real things coming.

I've watch alot of what are billed as "scary" movies in my life. They are usually more gross than frightening. I lean more towards "psychological" thrillers. The mind scares me more than the body...well some bodies anyway. I saw some pretty scary bodies at a Club Med on Martinique several years ago. The French are not necessarily a beautiful people.

But I digress.

Franklin Roosevelt (or his speechwriter) once said, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself." But isn't that the point. Fear is an emotion, not a thing. And sometimes fear is what saves us. If you aren't afraid of the dark alleyway, you may wander down it oblivious to what is lurking there.

So is fear really the bad thing or is it lack of fear. By fearing no evil are you embracing good, or becoming evil?

I scare myself sometimes.
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