Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Would someone open up a window

There is rarely a more over used cliche than "the eyes are the window to the soul." I'm willing to bet that every Creative Writing 101 student has slipped that little gem into some assignment along the way. And I'm also willing to bet that every time the instructor of the Creative Writing 101 class reads that classic phrase in a student's writing, their own windows to the soul are threatening to roll so far back into their head that a brain hemorrhage is a serious risk.

Besides, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, wouldn't being near or farsighted skew things. I started wearing glasses when I was 14. Did that mean my soul was myoptic? And wouldn't you think that my perspective on the world around me would have been significantly improved six years ago when I had Lasik surgery. I think not (though I can read the clock first thing in the morning without squinting...that is pretty cool).

To some animal species, eye contact is a sign of aggression and will trigger an attack by the dominant animal. Of course, "civilized" people try and convince you that it is a sign of confidence and trustworthiness to look someone in the eye. If you don't make eye contact with someone, they think you are lying. Conversely, women really get annoyed if men make eye contact, but not with their eyes.

All that being said, I really prefer to wear sunglasses. I like to think of them as the levelor blinds to the soul. I don't like people looking into my eyes. It breaks my concentration. I think better if I'm focused within, not on someone's eyes. It doesn't mean I'm lying. It means I'm thinking (or ignoring the person who is blathering on to me about nothing). Sunglasses make it easier to avoid eye contact and appear interested in a conversation.

Also, I don't like people staring at my soul. When I wear sunglasses, my soul can stare at them.

And make faces.
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