Thursday, August 03, 2006

Strange Stairs

Mickey suggested my dream of walking down an ancient, worn staircase the other night was a descent into hell. Since on occasion, Mickey is JC Superstar and goes walkabout with dingos and such, I take his dream interpretation pretty seriously.

This is not to say that I want to take Mickey's advice and go to hell. As Sartre said, I think Hell is really other people. I also think Hell is a relative term, so I suppose if I followed the stairway in my dream I'd probably end up at a family reunion.

Fortunately the stairs haven't reappeared in my dreams. And if they do, I am pretty sure that, although they may lead to the underworld, they were modelled after some of the scary basement stairs I've seen in my life and stored in my middle aged brain (starting with the scary ass stairs in my grandmother's house that led to her scary ass basement).

But thinking about a Stairway to Hell instead of a Stairway to Heaven raises a few questions: if Hell is underground, shouldn't it be cold and Heaven hot since hot air rises? And isn't it easier to walk downstairs than upstairs?

Perhaps this is why I have nightmares.
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