Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I tell you I can have some freaky ass dreams at times. It's as if Stephen King is tapping out one of his nastier plot lines in my head. I mean, we are talking endless streams of zombies and killer gargoyles that I am dowsing with gasoline from a flying boat. And amidst all of this, I am trying to find my cat.

Maybe it is because Tess is taking one of our cats to the vet today to get her teeth cleaned. It freaks me out because they have to put cats out to clean their teeth. Not that I blame them. Since cats have anger issues at the difficulty in communicating with people, they tend to act out.

But still, my dreams were pretty wild. I wish I could write them down, but they are in such great detail that it is hard to capture them all. Besides I am kept pretty much occupied killing the undead to stop and take notes.

Though I did have this great imagery of walking down this ancient stairway. I remember thinking how symbolic it was that I was walking on the sides of the steps because they were less worn than the center of the steps. Even in my dreams I was travelling the path less traveled.

I really am not trying to read anything into my nightmares. I am too old to believe in anything but self-fulfilling prophecies, especially when it comes to dreams. Though the zombies I am fighting in my sleep could be some projects I have at work that never seem to die.

And Tess has e-mailed me that Bailey, our cat, has recovered from her teeth cleaning and is waking up as I write. They didn't have to pull any of her teeth (which is a relief to both Bailey and I). Barring any complications, she should be home tonight and, although I may still be attempting to kill zombies in my sleep, I hopefully won't have to worry about my cat at the same time.

So maybe I will have time to jot down some notes during my dreams tonight.
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