Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dark wings

I'm feeling a bit lugubrious (yes, there is that word again) about my blogging of late. My flights of fancy seem to all be taking a dark turn. Maybe it is the time of year. Fall always has me flirting with melancholy.

It's not even that I feel like I'm in a rut when it comes topics for my posts. Making something out of nothing is my speciality. I'm just wondering if nothing is enough.

I'm beginning to feel like my friend Gunter. But at least he has his lack of command of the English language to blame his incomprehensibility on. I'm beginning to think all I can blame mine on is being obtuse.

My essay on how Leon Spinks is not really the legendary Sphinx of Thebes fell flatter than the Sphinx did when it threw itself off the wall when Oedipus answered its riddle. Shoot, I even have michael suggesting I have Lights rewrite my Dr. Zeus poetry and Kristy correcting my grammar. How can you get much lower than that?

I suppose I should just call it quits. I should board up Dizgraceland and fire all of the servants. I should slink off into the electronic ether of the Internet and fade away like the rest of the shadows. It would be just as though I'd written everything here in the sand. If I walked away the waves would come and within minutes there would be no sign that I'd ever been here.

But that's life.

I told you I was feeling lugubrious.
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