Friday, September 22, 2006

Dr. Zeus

Sometimes I wish I was the god Zeus,
Don't laugh and point, I'm not a silly Geus.
I just think it would be fun to live on Mount Olympus,
I'd be big, and strong and not a human Wympus.

Being king of the gods would really be a feat,
I'd be loved, I'd be worshipped, I'd be one of the eleat.
I could throw bolts of lightening and start lots of fires,
While woodnymphs and fair maidens serenaded me with their lires.

But sadly, Zeus was just a god of the Greeks,
If you believe in him now, people will say you're a geek.
Still, now and then, being Zeus would be fun,
Being a god really rules, when all's said and dun.
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