Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sheik Tim Flash

At the suggestion of my nephew R. and the prompting of Shandi, I am trying out a new look for me that helps remedy my issues with wearing hats. In the process of finding my new look, I discovered a site -- -- where you can "Pimpify" your name and come up with your very own player nickname.

Here are some of the possibilities the generator came up for me:

Dopetastic T. Large
Silicon Slick T. Ice
Fine Ass Tim Sweetness
Pimp Daddy Tim Gates
Sticky Fingers T. Flow
Papa Tim Shmoove

I'm kind of partial to Fine Ass Tim Sweetness, but I'm open to other opinions about which name you think suits me best.

Oh, and "Don't Player Hate, Player Appreciate." Here's where you can pimpify your own name:
Get your pimp name.
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