Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Looking at clouds from both sides now

Why is the natural impulse to look up when we are thinking about a higher power? Why do Christians believe heaven is in the clouds? Hasn't space exploration debunked that theory?

Still, I like to look into the sky. I like clouds. I've never been really good at seeing things in them like bunnies and Bob Hope or anything like that. I don't see rows and flows of angel hair, or ice cream castles in the air. I don't even see feather canyons everywhere. I just see clouds. I find this odd, because I'm not a very literal person. I should see things in the clouds.

When I was a kid, I would lie on my bed staring at the texture stuff on the ceiling and see faces and alien creatures. The tiles in our bathroom looked like lions. In my old house, I could see whales and walruses in the knotty pine paneling of my bedroom. But I can't see shit in clouds but clouds.

But I think clouds are beautiful just being clouds. I like to look at them from both sides. I like laying on the ground, and watch them roll over me. And I like sitting in an airplane and watch them roll under me. I wish you could really walk on clouds or lie on them the way they do in cartoons.

I like the way clouds show emotions. They can be friendly, fluffy and white. Or they can be angry, dark and ominous. They are unpredictable drifters who can crash a party or ruin a picnic. They can frame beautiful scenery or drop the curtain on it.

But even though I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down, still...somehow... I really don't know clouds at all.
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