Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lost and Profound

I'd like to say that I once was lost but now I'm profound, but I'm not feeling very profound. Not that me being profound is important. To date my most popular post has been a link to a Pimp Name Generator. I think it even beat out my link to David Hasslehoff's video of "Hooked on a Feeling."

But I think most people are just looking for diversions on the Web, not epiphanies. Actually I think most people on the Web are looking for porn, but I have to draw the line at just calling myself Fine Ass Tim Sweetness.

I actually think I've gotten over this belief that I should be seeking some deeper meaning in life. I'm not saying that there isn't some deeper meaning, I'm just not going out of my way anymore to find it. Because something tells me that I'd be having that major ephipany just as someone was pulling the plug on my resperator and my last words would be "oh shit."

So if you are looking for deep and profound things, you have come to the wrong place. Besides, if you meet the Buddha on the Information Highway, you should kill him or her in the same way you should kill him or her if you meet him or her on the road (not literally's a figure of speech). Your bullshit meter should be red lining anytime someone blogs about knowing "the Truth."

Also truth is a relative thing. Anyone who has ever served on a jury can attest to that. And there are also many more than two sides to any story. So chances are that the truth could come waltzing up to most people wearing a pink tutu and a feather duster in its bum and no one would recognize it anyway.

So stop worrying about the truth. Go click on my link to the Pimp Name Generator and see how many different player names resonate with your inner player. It's not profound, but it's entertaining. And if you do find the meaning to life while you are doing it, well...your path their started here. But I'm not promising anything.

So don't be hating...start appreciating.
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