Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A lot of bull

"John Wayne - Autopsy revealed that John Wayne's colon weighed 82 pounds. 77 pounds were composed of dried fecal matter. The remaining 5 pounds was living tissue."

Do a Google search on "John Wayne's colon" and you'll find various "facts" stating that John Wayne's colon weighed between 40 and 82-pounds when he died due to everything from eating beef to consuming Herve Villechaize (the little person who played tattoo on Fantasy Island...okay I made that part up). What a load of crap. There was no autopsy performed on John Wayne. And it is physically impossible to have 40 pounds of anything in your colon even if it is impacted.

Thus is the danger of the Web and Web searches. Any idiot, including myself, can spout something as fact on the Web. Then someone else does a random search, finds the information, posts it on their blog and you have a documented "fact." It's the same way Urban Myths are hatched.

Believe it or not, I'm here as a voice of reason urging you to verify anything you find on the Web with several sources before you spout it as fact on your own Web sites. And if something is your opinion or heresay, label it that way. Writing isn't just recreation. It carries with it responsibility.

I realize this is odd coming from me, but I've spent months believing the Duke walked that way because he was carrying 80 pounds of beef around in his colon. I even suggested to a server at the local Claim Jumper that they name one their mega meat entrees the "John Wayne's Colon Plate."

Now I know why she looked at me funny.
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