Saturday, March 25, 2006

Breakfast at Dizgraceland


Anonymous said...


I’ve given up Greek olives. I’ve given up Lucky Charms.

But I absolutely refuse to give up my laminated Audrey Hepburn photo collection!

I have to say no one quite tells a story through photography as beautifully as you.

Time said...

Art can be disturbing. But I knew I could count on you to appreciate it!

Alex Pendragon said...

THAT's how it's done? Wow...........

Time said...

Cherish, those were German pancakes. It was a recipe from Cooking Light. And I'm afraid I don't know what a Romba is (other than a ballroom dance step). And Tess is the only one I knows who vaccums all of the time.

Michael, I'm assume you are referring to the black dress and pearls. I know it is a little dressy for breakfast, but yes that is how it is done.

Naughti Biscotti said...

This is my favorite photoshop creation yet. If I'm not mistaken, it's the first time your face has appeared on the female body (I didn't mean that the way it sounds).

I thought they were crepes.

Time said...

Well actually there was one with a nun's habit (which I think was Audrey Hepburn from a Nun's story...I'm sensing an odd habit here) and the Sound of Music thing (again a habit). And German pancakes are essentially crepes without the attitude.

Hope all is well Shandi.

morningstar said...

YOU make breakfast AND clean up afterwards??!!!

wow - colour me impressed.

the cheeky morningstar
(who is contemplated signing "court jester" from now on......)

Time said...

Morningstar, Somewhere along the line I made an amazing discovery: I really like to cook. I also have this thing about dirty dishes. It has made for a handy combination. Fortunately, Tess enjoys cleaning and washing clothes. Go figure. And I'll send you an application to be court jester. There seems to be a lot of them unemployed lately.

Ah, Cherish, now I see. That thing in the background is actually a cat toy. They reach there paws in and make the ball spin. Unfortunately it doesn't do any housework.